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Microsoft interviews our Founder on inventing Open Platform as a ServiceTM

Open Platform as a ServiceTM           CloudMakerTM is what you use to make apps for the cloud.         

WizzyWeb                    Instant Search Ad ServerTM (ISAS)

Sullivan Software Systems is an applied app research & development company.

We invent, develop and license cutting edge applications and systems. We create reference apps to spark the imagination of companies who then bring our code magic to market.

For example, one of our inventions, Open Platform as a ServiceTM is currently taking the world by storm. If you would like to be part of this 21st century computing model, get in touch.

At any given time we have a few breakthrough technologies in the lab which will further fundamentally change the way applications are created, distributed and consumed. Here are a few examples:

CloudMakerTM is revolutionary way to create apps quickly by assembling code snippets. "App Producers" can focus on creating new, innovative apps and not have to worry about computer programming. We call this "The Rise of the App Producer."

Sustainable CodeTM We can no longer create apps that are too labor and capital intensive to create and maintain. Sustainable CodeTM addresses this worldwide problem by introducing a 21st century code ecosystem which makes application creation and maintenance exponentially less labor and capital intensive.

Recycled CodeTM Where does code go when you are no longer using it? We recycle everything from paper and plastic to metal and entire dumpsters full of "trash." Why should something far more valuable such as useful computer code be any different? Why not recycle your code and let other people get use from it and at the same time let you make money from that use just as we do with other materials no longer being used?

Are you a game-changer? We also consult for companies looking for game-changing technology. Stuff that makes consumers excited and the competition sweat. If you're looking to do something big, get in touch.

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